16th Mar 2020

WHAT TO DO WITH THESE KIDS AT HOME… Build a fort Bake cookies Make dinner together Play games (search “free family games” on the internet for ideas for all ages) Have a family talent show Learn some fun yoga poses […]

21st Oct 2019

Attachment is hard, ya’ll! Part 1 With all the privileges that come with parenting that can include hugs, sticky kisses, and refrigerators full of construction paper art that becomes attics full of boxes of said art, rarely do I hear […]

19th Aug 2019

Boss Card, Part Two God gave me exactly three days to feel smug brilliance about the creation of those beautiful Etsy-reject Boss cards before He popped a hole in my ego-balloon.  He honestly had the gall to ask me, straight […]

3rd Aug 2019

Introducing The Boss Card! I would like to say that this was born out of a deep altruistic desire to provide the best tools and resources to already weary parents looking to lovingly structure their time with their precious kiddos.  […]