Individual Therapy

My goal is to create a safe therapeutic bond that provides a non-judgmental environment where an individual is allowed to grow, heal, and change. Focus on understanding your interpretation of your life, experiences, and beliefs is integral to the counseling process. 


Parent Training/Filial Therapy

I believe the most important influence and agent of change in a child’s life are his/her parent or guardian. Helping to support, encourage, and train the parent as well as working to enhance the parent-child bond is integral to the child counseling process.  

Child Play Therapy/Group Play Therapy 

Play therapy is a form of therapy used with children. Before the age of 10, children have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time and have not developed abstract thought. Children naturally play out their world through toys.

According to Piaget (1962), “Play bridges the gap between concrete experience and abstract thought. In play, the child is dealing in a sensory-motor way with concrete objects that are symbols for something else the child has experienced directly or indirectly.” In other words, as a therapist if I want to understand the world the child is experiencing I need to relate to them at their level through play (Play, Dreams, and Imitation in Childhood, Piaget, J. 1962).

For more detailed information please see Play Therapy Logistics

Other services:

  • Adolescent Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Theraplay