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“Parenting is logically complicated, theologically enlightening, and sometimes a bit psychologically destroying.” -Ana Voskamp

Nothing is more vitally important to a parent than the development and well being of their precious child, yet nothing is more complicated and confusing than knowing how to best deliver that parenting on any given day.  When your heart is on your sleeve providing daily guidance and at the same time you feel completely overwhelmed and frustrated, you need the same guidance, care, and understanding that you are trying to provide for them.  For years I worked with children and families struggling through life transitions and difficult traumas. I often found that parents were left feeling helpless, not knowing how to go home and support and guide their hurting and struggling children whom they were spending the most time with, more than the therapist or doctors.  As a parent, I understand how helpless and frustrating that can feel.  My focus is on helping parents find support, resources, training, and knowledge that they can use to feel better equipped to nurture, engage, structure, and feel enriched in their relationships with their children throughout their growing years.